Congres Location:


Cliniques Universitaire Saint Luc

Auditoire  C -  Roi Baudoin

Entrance top the auditorium


Practical Suggestion:

There is no parking space available in the Avenue

E. Mounier laan, so we suggest that you use the

2 official parking areas in front of the Hospital:


       - Parking Hippocrate

       - Parking Esplanade


The shortest way from that place to the auditorium C is through the main entrance of the hospital , accross the main atrium, adjoining parking for VIPs across the foodbridge and take a left turn to the Avenue Emanuel Mounier....




Auditorium C (Roi Baudoin) is situated at the back

of the Hospital Saint Luc.



Avenue E. Mounierlaan 48 - Entrance F.

An Organisation of


Final Programme


Practical Information

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Residents / students

(*) Early fee until 1 September - Late after 2 September 2019

100 €



125 €



  30 €

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  60 €

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Chairs:   Dr. Gerrit De Wachter - Dr. Christophe Marchal



9.10           On the road. The Poly-traumatized Patients

                  Representatiev of V.I.A.L.I.S.


9.25           A Crash during your Holidays: The Tunisian experience

                 Dr. Safwen Benslama,Tunis


9.40           A Crash during your Holidays: The DomTom experience

                  Dr. Charles Parmentier


10.00         In Belgium: What happens after we call 112: The initial reanimation

                  of the poly-traumatized.

                  Dr. François Pittance


10.15         In the Emergency Department. The role of Everyone

                  Dr. Maximilen Thoma


10.30        Coffee Break & visit of the Exhibitors

Chairs: Dr. Thierry de Baets - Dr. Ben Molenaars



11.00         Next step: Intensive Care or Operating Room?

                  Dr. De Bel


11.15         The Trauma Heart failure

                  Dr. François Pittance


11.30         Questions

Chairs: Dr. Guy Putzeys - Dr. Ionut Caracudovici



11.35         The Pelvic: The Anterior Intrapelvic Approach using specialist

                  plates for acetabular fracture fixation

                  Dr. Anthony Ward


11.50         How to fix it? The Upper limb

                  Dr. Piet reynders


12.05         How to fix it? The Upper limb?

                  Dr. Dan Putineanu


12.25         Questions


12.30        Lunch


12.30         BOTA General Assembly

Chairs: Dr. Wim Vandesande  - Dr. Wim De Weerdt


14.10         The Toxicity of the X-Ray

                  Prof. Philippe Martinive


14.30         Point of view of the AFCN - FANC.

                  Ms. Katrien Van Slambrouck PhD


14.50         The imaging in the Emergency Department.

                 Dr. Julien Sergeant


15.10         Questions


Chairs: Dr. Eric de Groof - Dr. Olivier De Valkeneer


15.15         Failed Osteosynthesis -The role of acute total hip arthroplasty for

                  displaced acetabular fractures: evolution of methods and results

                  Dr. Anthony Ward


15.30         How to cover? Vacuum? Flaps? Graft?

                  Dr. Vincent Druez


14.45         The rehabilitation.

                 Dr. Cristina Reynders


16.00         Back to Life: the story of a patient.



16.15         Conclusion

                  Dr. Christophe Marchal


Session 1: On the spot

Session 2: The First Step in the hospital

Session 3: The operating Room

Session 4: The role of Imaging

Session 5: Rehabilitation

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